Moon Dance Bath Bomb

Scent Family: Fruity

Description:Blend of Citruses

Details: This bath bomb is named after the Iroquoian Moon Dance Ceremony which gives an offering to the moon. It pays homage to the females of this world to make sure that life continues and to keep everything in order, including plant life, animal life, and water life. This bath bomb reminds us of harmony with it's mellow, pleasant, tangerine-orangey scent.

• maximum fizzing
• no residue left behind
• 99% natural ingredients

Directions:Sit back and relax in your bathtub just before putting your bath bomb into the water. You can close your eyes and meditate, or even read a book. The bath bomb will dissolve and fizz, filling your water with fragrant oils, softening the water and your skin. You can either use the whole bath bomb or cut the bath bomb in half and use the other half later.

Size/Weight: 4 oz

paraben freenot tested on animalsVeganHand Crafted

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Fragrance Oil

• Natural Ingredients
• Safe Synthetics

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Laura S.
FANTASTIC products!

A friend of mine first told me about Sequoia Proudly Indigenous roughly a year ago, and I've been excited to try their products ever since. I finally was able to make an order recently, and everything is just phenomenal! I wanted to try a bunch of different samples of soaps, to get a feel for the scents, and a bath bomb. The bath bomb I picked ended up being out of stock, which I was told about within a few hours of placing the initial order, so I was able to choose a different bath bomb and get the order under way without any real hold up. And now the order has shown up and I've tried a lot of the products, and I am completely thrilled about the quality, the feeling, the scents, everything! I plan on doing another big order just as soon as I can, and am excited to keep a bathroom stocked fully with Sequoia products.

Kathleen P.

Great scent! Uplifting! Very impressed with these bath bombs and will order again.


I cannot rave about these products enough! I have gone to Sephora and some of the other big beauty companies and even lush don't come close to how hydrating and nourishing these products are.

I love this bath balm for when you run a bath for a moon ritual. so nourishing and soothing, can't wait to place my next order!