Deluxe Sequoia Boxed Gift Set

Sequoia Box Choice

Perfect for gifting! A deluxe gift box in one of our 4 signature scents in a beautiful Sequoia Box. 

 What's included in each Box? You choose which Scent you would like your Box to be.

✨ 8oz Lotion - featuring Organic Olive Oil
✨ 4oz Mist - Perfect for your body or any space you want. Your pillows, your car, your living room, just to name a few.
✨ 4oz Soap - Featuring Organic Shea Butter and Organic Castor Oil as well as other luxury oils.
✨ 8 oz  Candle - Our own blend of Soywax and Beeswax, in our beautifully designed candle tin.
✨ 5 oz  Scrub - A sugar exfoliant for all over body bath rituals featuring organic olive oil.
✨ 4 oz Bath Bomb - Take a relaxing bath with our signature bath bombs
✨ 9 mL Fragrance/Essential Oil - Perfect for a home simmer pot, or 1 or 2 drops in your bath **The Skywoman Box features Lavender Essential Oil.
✨ 5 oz Face Scrub - The Sweetgrass and Blackberry Sage boxes feature the Peppermint Tea Tree Face Scrub. The Skywoman and Red clover feature the Strawberry Face Scrub.

**Note: Pictures show the Sweetgrass Box, we have available:


-Blackberry Sage


-Red Clover

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