Sweetgrass Boxed Gift Set

Choice of Face Scrub

Our Sweetgrass box is now live! These will be ready to ship on Wednesday, November 17th. Must be purchased online. Local orders will be notified when to pick up.

Perfect for gifting!

Once these sell out, we will be relisting the Sweetgrass box without the Sweetgrass Pendant, and have a limited number of boxes.

 What's included in the Sweetgrass Box:

✨ Sweetgrass Pendant - made by The Birch Trail especially for this Sequoia Sweetgrass Box. Each pendant is unique with the smallest Sweetgrass braid suspended in resin. Pendant shapes vary from rectangular, rectangular with a twist, diamond, angular, etc. No 2 are alike! The Birch Trail makes small batch resin jewelry, accessories and regalia handmade by Michelle Beausejour and inpired by mixed Michif, Scottish, Irish and L'nu roots.

✨ 8oz Sweetgrass Lotion - featuring Organic Olive Oil
✨ 4oz Sweetgrass Mist - Perfect for your body or any space you want to smell like Sweetgrass. Your pillows, your car, your living room
✨ 4oz Sweetgrass Soap - Featuring Organic Shea Butter and Organic Castor Oil
✨ 8 oz Sweetgrass Candle - Our own blend of Soywax and Beeswax
✨ 5 oz Sweetgass Scrub - A sugar exfoliant for all over body bath rituals
✨ 4 oz Sweetgass Bath Bomb - Take a relaxing bath with our Sweetgrass bomb
✨ 9 mL Sweetgass Fragrance Oil - Perfect for a home simmer pot, or 1 or 2 drops in your bath
✨ 5 oz Face Scrub choice of Strawberry or Peppermint Tea Tree - The perfect face scrub, choose which one you want in your box

**Note: If you are ordering only this item, it will ship, as is, with the shipping label on the bottom of the box. We will only package in a plastic mailer if requested. Please let us know in the notes section when purchasing.

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