Warrior's Blood Incense

This mysterious, alluring blend is difficult to describe. With warming notes of amber, vanilla and patchouli, our Warrior's Blood is lightened up with layers of romantic notes such as rose, jasmine and lilac. Finally, our sensual, deep blend is topped off with the colorful, light touches of blood orange and grapefruit.

Customer Reviews

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Kristine M.
Earthy and Vibrant

I bought the Warriors Blood Incense for my Father and I took a chance based on the name alone. I am 100% not disappointed in any way! Packaging is simplistic and beautiful, and the scent is both Earthy and Vibrant!

A favourite

I bought this incense for my husband who has been working in the basement during the pandemic and he loves it. This will have to go on the gift giving rotation for sure. It doesn't smell artificial. And I love the fact that the aroma climbs up the stairs to the main floor so I can enjoy it as well.

Alex L.
So, so good!!

This is hands down the most captivating, earthy incense I have ever had the pleasure of burning. My one and only complaint is that this scent isn't available in all products Sequioa offers. I have purchased this incense several times now and will continue to stock up. It's lovely.

Vivian L.
Perfect for a breezy day

We are huge fans of this one, and will be purchasing again.

Anika C.

Everything in my order was perfect and arrived promptly! I really enjoyed the incense, and was given a free sample of soap that I now can’t wait to order next time. I’ve been telling all my friends :)