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  • It's been awhile but I LOVE this product!! I use the bars of soap and found its made a big difference in my skin. Especially in the winter. It doesn't dry it out. Just ran out of the sweet grass body spray. Love it. I can wear it and get no complaints from the scent and I have a friend with environmental illness! Can't wait till I get more!! <3


  • I just purchased the Sweet grass body mist yesterday at a pow-wow. It is just the scent I've been looking for. It's light, not too strong. It's lasts for hours. I sprayed my furniture with it as well. It's a lovely scent. Thank you. I wish there was a full size bottle at the time of purchase. My husband bought matching insence sticks. Our home smells beautiful. Thanks!!


  • Sequoia soaps (and other products as well) have become very popular in Japan where our son lives. Every time he visits, he has to bring back many such products for his Japanese family.


  • I don't even know how to explain how I love the sweetgrass soap. First, I have a really sensitive skin (eczema problem), I have tried many many soaps. This soap, well, all the Sequoia soaps, are just perfect for my skin, I don't feel irritated or super dry after my shower. Second, the scent...the sweetgrass scent... it's the best scent ever! There is no doubt, it is the best soap ever!!


  • Red Clover is part of my daily morning routine! I'm a huge fan of the whole product line. The lotion absorbs well into my skin, leaving a beautiful, unique scent.




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