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Skywoman Body Scrub
R.S. (United States)
Love love love Sky Woman products!

Several years ago, I made the shift to all natural hair and skin products. Quite honestly, they are not as easy to find as it would seem. I learned early on to read EVERY INGREDIENT on every label. If I cannot pronounce a word, that generally means it is something synthetic.

My body reacts horribly to chemicals of any kind. Being a world traveler, I treasure finding products made from scratch and do all I can to support local businesses. When I happened across Sequoia Soaps on a roadtrip from Gander, Newfoundland back to Atlanta, GA; I bought every item they had of “Sky Woman”.

The scent is magnificent and it could not be more perfect for me. You see, I have been a flight attendant for 24 years. My nickname is “The Sky Angel”. That is why I love the name. I am about to order more, but wanted to make sure to tell anyone reading this review; all of the Sequoia Soap products smell amazing. It is simply the name that coincides with me, that makes me keep coming back for “Sky Woman”.

Thank you to Sequoia Soaps for allowing me to order online and for becoming one of my “go to” places to shop for skin products. You are always so kind and professional, and I appreciate each staff member I have ever worked with.

The Sky Angel

Sweetgrass Soap
Consuela L. (United States)

I LOVE this soap. It's the only one I have used as of today. I am sending some of the other soaps to other family members :). I will let you know once they use them. I will definitely be ordering more of this one. Thank you so much for making this soap.

15hr - Four Candle Bundle
Isabel N. (Canada)

Such cute little candles with amazing scents! Very happy with the purchases that I've made.

Lovely soaps!

These soaps are great! They smell wonderful and they feel even better! 😊

Sweetgrass Lotion
Isabel N. (Canada)

I LOVE this lotion! I use it on my hands, feet and face, and it's working wonders for my dry skin. 😊

[Black Box] Mini Soap Gift Set
Catherine (Canada)
Perfect Secret Santa

Just lovely

Instant popularity

I gave these as presents for colleagues and everyone loved them!

Love the packaging

A beautiful gift for anyone

New gift set

The problem with buying people what you would like is that you have to give it away. I hope someone buys this for me at some point!

Bought as a gift may have to keep!

Beautiful set and the box itself can be kept. Love these!

15hr - Four Candle Bundle
Catherine (Canada)
Great as small gifts

The packaging is always so beautiful and the scents are lovely.

Small Lotion Bundle
Catherine (Canada)
Great as gifts or travelling

Love the scents and packaging.

15hr - Four Candle Bundle
Zoe H. (United States)

I got these as a gift for my sister and she loves them

Red Clover Melt
Susie K. (United States)
red clover

this one is a gentle scent that I would also order again

Warrior's Blood Incense
Susie K. (United States)
warriors blood

erally enjoy this scent and the how subtle it is, would order again

Sweetgrass Lotion
Susan (United States)

The friend that I gifted the Sweetgrass lotion with described it as "heavenly" in her thank you to me. Can't wait to try some for myself!

Sweetgrass Pendant
Manfred B. (Germany)
not yet deliverd

I`m sorry, but I didn`t receive my things yet... BR Manfred

Good day. So I ordered a few sets of soap. Wanted to give 2 as gifts and keep one for myself.
And come back with actual reviews. I love the soaps. Wish they were bigger lasted longer, to be honest. Would totally consider buying more.

My boyfriend likes his soaps and the smells. My best buddy loves her soaps, too.

We may be back for more orders soon.

Good job.

15hr - Four Candle Bundle
Katie D. (United States)
Love the scents

Bought these for my coworkers for office Christmas gifts. Everyone loved the one they got and have asked where I got them! (Passed along that info of course!!) quick shipment even for international.

Blackberry Sage oil

I love the soft scent of the oil in my diffuser. I enjoy it so much I bought some for my mother and daughter in law...they also love it.

Tea Tree Mint Face Scrub
Lori M. (Canada)
Tea Tree Mint Face Scrub

All I can say is I love it! Tea tree oil is one of my favorite oils, which is why I decided to try the Tea Tree Mint Face Scrub. I love the scent and feeling of freshness on my face. I also use the Tea Tree lip balm, which I also love. Thank you for making such amazing products!

Ultimate Mini Soap Bundle
Henry P. (Canada)
A great way to sample them all

Top quality ingredients and attention to product detail make this a great way to pick favourites or gift a few to others.
Just "soap" you might say, but each has its own scent to suit a mood you might want. If you get the "Full Monty" in small sizes you can be sure you will know which big bars you may want to order later. They are all good but everyone will have their own favourite for a given time and season. No more Irish Spring! LOL! Keep up the good work and stay true to your path of a quality, natural product!

Sweetgrass boxed set

Quick delivery
Beautiful packaging
Earth friendly packing
Exceptional products!

Thank you for maintaining high standards. Your products are always well received!

Sweetgrass Mist
Sofia a. (Canada)
Sweet grass mist

It smells so good, lasts long and it’s not too strong. I love it.

Large Sweetgrass Canoe Candle / Incense Burner
Danfordmiller (United States)
Incomplete . .. …

Expectation, although ornamental . .. … canoe. Is incomplete without ornamental PADDLE. Am up proverbial crick without paddles.