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We only have 55 boxes available! At $80 CAD (value $112). See below for all the contents of this Earth Day Box. 

**The mystery candle is not pictured, beaded Turtle not included

We are celebrating Earth Day with an Indigenous collaboration! 

Introducing Kokom Scrunchies founded by Mya Beaudry. She is a talented 11 year old Algonquin from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation. and starting Kokom Scrunchies in the fall of 2019,

We partnered with Kokum Scrunchies with these exclusive custom made Turtle Design Scrunchies for Earth Day.

I wanted to support this young Indigenous entrepreneur and I know you will love her handmade products.

Why the turtle?! 

The Turtle represents Earth. This is how I was told of the Creation Story when Skywoman fell and landed on a Turtle's back., which eventually grew and became Mother Earth.

The Turtle is connected to natural elements of the world. Did you know there are 28 small plates around the edge of the turtle's shell - one for each day in the lunar month. As well, there are 13 scutes or sections on the turtle's back - one for each of the moons in the year.

The Earth Day Box contains:
□ 4 oz Skywoman Soap
□ 4 oz Turtle Island Soap
□ 4 oz Beautiful Water Soap
□ 15 hr Skywoman Soywax & Beeswax Candle
□ 15 hr Mystery Soywax & Beeswax Candle
□ Tea Tree Mint Lip Balm
□ Lime Lip Balm
□ Strawberry Lip Balm
□ Three Sisters Lip Balm
□ 2 X Kokom Scrunchies Turtle Design (2 randomly selected colors of either red, blue or turquoise color)
Highlights of the Earth Day Box 
We included these three particular soaps because they represent the three different realms:
□ 4 oz Skywoman Soap - Sky
□ 4 oz Turtle Island Soap - Earth
□ 4 oz Beautiful Water - Water
We also encourage everyone to use bar soaps over liquid soaps whenever possible in hopes of reducing plastic waste put out into the world. We know that you may not completely switch over, but even just reducing liquid soap consumption by half is helping the Earth.
The Soywax Candles are made with renewable resources (Soy and Beeswax over Paraffin Wax) and the containers can be upcycled (or recycled) since they clean up easily and the labels come right off. you can keep spices or paperclips, or anything really!
All of our Lip Balms are made with Organic Oils and come in delicious flavors!
The two Kokum Scrunchies are Limited Edition and will be a nice keepsake and reminder for Mother Earth. 

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Customer Reviews

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Anne M. (Canada)
Nice Assortment of products

This is my first time purchasing from Sequoia but one of my daughters is a regular customer. I bought this for my other daughter so she could try out these wonderful products and to support this brand. Lovely products that I am excited to gift to my daughter on her birthday. Highly recommend!

Andrea P. (Canada)
Earth day Box

I loved my earth day box very much. The candles, soaps and lip balms are awesome as usual. And I really like my Kokum hair bands.

Maria G. (Canada)
Earth Day Box

The moment I received this beautiful package I was a so excited to see all the amazing products. I love everything inside the box, shared some items with the people I love . I absolutely love the hair scrunchies, use them every day. Thank you for sharing these beautiful products.
Love and light
Maria Giannascoli

Kathryn G. (Canada)
So grateful!

What a beautiful surprise! From the package to the contents - quality, beauty and just pure joy! I was a repeat customer and will be again. Well done!