2023 Earth Day Box

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We only have 100 boxes available. At $100 CAD (value $149). See below for all the contents of this Earth Day Box. 

Limited Edition 2023 Earth Day Box $100 Shipped Free (Value $149)
Our Earth Day Box contains our ​**NEW​​** Intertribal Soap made up of all 27 Sequoia soaps so that no parts go to waste
We are celebrating Earth Day with an Earth Day Box, featuring our first soap ever made with shavings from every soap we have made since June 2022. Be the first to try one before they go on sale to the public.

We wanted to celebrate Earth Day with a special box that incorporates all of my home territories and included things from around the world that relate to our mother the earth. The box includes earthy scents and inspirations.

Introducing Intertribal Soap.
At Powwows, the Inter-Tribal is the bringing together of all people and cultures for one special dance. All dancers of all types come together and the look and feel is a varied mix of colors and styles. This is what our Intertribal soap looks like.

We literally took the shavings of every single soap made since last June, saved them and put them all together into one batch, instead of them going to waste. The colors are mixed and the scent is quite unique. What would all 27 Sequoia bars blended together smell like? Get an Earth Day Box and find out.

What's included and why?

The Earth Day Box contains:
Intertribal 4 oz soap ($14 value) - When I first started Sequoia, I hit the powwow trail to sell my soaps. This one soap brings together my past connection with powwows and my new connection with our mother the Earth.
2oz Sweetgrass Lotion ($14 value) - Nothing makes me appreciate Earth Day more than the scent of sweetgrass
Sweetgrass pendant ($50 value) - with actual blades of sweetgrass handpicked by an elder in my father's home territory of Akwesasne.
Stone Mother 4 oz soap ($14 value) - Inspired by the Stone Mother legend in my mother's home territory of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, this soap uses activated charcoal and features Tea Tree and peppermint scents.
Turtle Island 4 oz soap ($14 value) - The Turtle represents Earth. This is how I was told of the Creation Story when Skywoman fell and landed on a Turtle's back, which eventually grew and became Mother Earth.
Tea Tree Mint 5 oz Face Scrub ($25 value) - The Tea Tree originates from Australia, giving us something from abroad to incorporate that goes with this box and reminds us of our fellow Indigenous people as what we do to the Earth here affects them there and vice versa. We are all in this together.
Tea Tree Mint Lip Balm ($8 value) - The Tea Tree originates from Australia, the same as the face scrub above, and the lip balms included in this box are in our original packaging. We have a batch of lip balms in our original oval tubes. 

(Total value $149) for $100 AND includes FREE shipping!

Highlights of the Earth Day Box 
We also encourage everyone to use biodegradable bar soaps over liquid soaps whenever possible in hopes of reducing plastic waste put out into the world. We know that you may not completely switch over, but even just reducing liquid soap consumption by half is helping our mother the Earth.

Our Lip Balms are made with Organic Oils and come in delicious flavors!

Our face scrubs are preservative free.

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Customer Reviews

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Peggy-Luanne (Canada)
Thank you for your products!

I am intensely pleased with all of the products that I have purchased from Sequoia. This sweet grass mist is so lovely and indeed does have the tones of sweet grass in its mixture. I will continue to purchase my gifts and personal items here. I wish there was a shampoo line.....

Anonymous (Canada)

It is beautiful! Several items have already been gifted and appreciated!

Heather M. (Canada)
Beautiful, as always

Receiving a package from Sequoia is like getting a present in the mail, always wrapped up so beautifully. And of course the contents are equally beautiful and always smell so wonderful.

Roberta M. (Canada)

I bought this box to share, it's full of wonderful products that we love to use. When you open it up all these lovely scents come out, it's fantastic. We love the soaps and can't wait to try the scrub. Was a great deal too! Should have bought two!

Christine J.K. (Canada)

This special box is just right...the perfect combination of things to celebrate Earth Day. Some for me & some to share with dear ones. A few of the products are treasured favorites like the sweetgrass lotion but I excited to try the new soaps. Can't wait for the next special box