Turtle Island Incense

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This is a blend of Patchouli and Spearmint essential oils, and the same mix as one of our best selling soaps. The Iroquoian creation story teaches us that the continent of North America was formed from the shell of a great turtle. The turtle rose up from the sea to provide Sky Woman a place to land on and walk upon as she descended from the heavens. Today many tribes have adopted the concept of Turtle Island.

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Customer Reviews

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Laurie L. (United States)
Turtle Island Incense

This scent is one I love to use on a sunny afternoon. It's refreshing without being overbearing.

Jenny W. (Canada)
Turtle Island incense...

subtle, calming, and the welcoming forever smell of home.
That's why I came back to order more :).

Kayla D. (Canada)

I love the turtle island scent so much!!!!

Arlene C.
Turtle Island Incense

I love the natural and earthy scents of the Sequoia incense varieties.
Turtle Island is a patchouli mint scent that brings instant relaxation into any room.
I burn a Sequoia incense every day during my yoga practice to stay grounded.

Cynthia C.
Love this!

Another scent from Sequoia that I really love. I find all of their incenses very therapeutic. Hard to choose a favourite!