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We thought it might be fun to show some behind the scenes on our @sequoiasoaps TikTok account that we just started. We hope to make some short videos of our process. Check out this video we posted today showing several of our soaps that are swirled. We often feel as if the soap making process is very similar to the cake baking process. 

There is "soap batter" which we pour into molds, and then it heats up (on it's own), producing soap. How cool is that. We get to be super creative with all of our batches by creating beautiful swirls, where no two soaps are the same. 

We get creative with our scent choices, creating scents not in the mainstream such as our custom blend Skywoman Soap or the hard to find Sweetgrass Soap.

Comment below if you have any ideas for us to show you "Behind The Scenes".

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