5 Indigenous Women owned Businesses you should know about

5 Indigenous Women owned Businesses you should know about

Posted by Michaelee Lazore on

Sequoia at the 2023 Akwesasne Powwow

We just got back from the Akwesasne Powwow for a weekend filled with Indigenous Powwow dancing, food, and Indigenous vendors. The Akwesasne Powwow Committee did an outstanding job coordinating this annual event once again.

As an Indigenous woman owned business, I love highlighting other Indigenous women owned businesses. So here are 5 that were at the Akwesasne Powwow that I absolutely love and I think you should check out. I personally have shopped and loved everything from all 5 of these incredible businesses. 

1. Small Feather Empire

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love strawberries. At Sequoia, we have a whole line of products dedicated to the strawberry. The Strawberry is very important to our culture. The Traditional Strawberry Festival occurs every summer.

Introducing Small Feather Empire, founded by Niiostosera:ah Thompson. She also has a whole line of beaded earrings dedicated to the strawberry.

Small Feather Empire

I discovered Small Feather Empire on Instagram when I spotted her famous "Strawbaby" Beaded Earrings. I attempted last year to nab a pair of her Strawbabies, but missed out. I was sure to get one this year. You can follow Small Feather Empire on Instagram here, and check out the incredible colors and variations of her Strawbaby Earrings.

Small Feather Empire


2. Niio Perkins Designs

This year, I purchased a beautiful Zip Top Pouch. This zip-top pouch features an Iroquois beadwork design and is perfect to carry your daily essentials. The design and materials are very high quality and durable.


Niio Perkins Designs


Last year, I was lucky enough to purchase my very first pair of Niio Perkins Designs Earrings.

Niio Perkins Designs


3. Nicia's Accessories

Nicia's Accessories is my go-to locally or on the powwow trail for beads, beading/craft supplies and patterns. She occasionally hosts beading challenges which I have personally participated it.

Nicia's Accessories


Here are some of her neon bead collection I have purchased in the past. She also has a book of patterns which contain beautiful designs to do beadwork. Anyone who loves making earrings, moccasins, mukluks or purses will definitely need to check her out.


4. Tammy Beauvais Designs

When I first started out on the powwow trail many years ago, Tammy Beauvais was a business woman that I asked for advice. She has beautiful clothing and accessories designed and made by her team.

Tammy Beauvais Designs



5. Kokom Scrunchies 

Started when Mya Beaudry was only 9 years old, it was a pleasure to get to actually meet her in person.

Kokom Scrunchies

Last year we collaborated with our Earth Day Box, and Kokom Scrunchies made a custom scrunchie incorporating a turtle design. They not only make Scrunchies, but you can also shop their line of bags, headbands and other accessories.


Please make the effort to uplift these Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs!

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  • I enjoyed the booth and the woman where great to help me with the 30$ gift card… I bought the feather and Sage incense kit. Love it and it’s a great gift also… Thanks

    Tess Lalonde on
  • Thank you for sharing these amazing women’s businesses.
    Will be checking their products out for sure.

    Todd on

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