🦅 Skywoman 🐢🌎

🦅 Skywoman 🐢🌎

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The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) creation story always begins with a woman who was falling from the Skyworld and was to fall into an endless sea. However, various birds assisted her and laid her on a giant turtle’s back.

She asked various water animals to swim down and bring her some earth from the bottom of the sea. After many tried, the muskrat was the one able to bring it to her. She walked around the giant turtle’s back and began spreading this earth around the edges continuously. This would eventually become Turtle Island (North America).

Our stories tell us that Skywoman came to Earth pregnant and her children would go on to create the various things in the World.

Because she was a woman, they call the ground of Turtle Island Mother Earth. It is said that Haudenosaunee (Iroquoian) women are born as part of the land and are the protectors of the land.

Various female Haudenosaunee dances, such as the ‘Shuffle’ require women to slide along the ground/floor representing their connection to the earth. This all stems from Skywoman/Mother Earth.

They say when Haudenosaunee  (Iroquois) people pass, they go back to Mother Earth.

Sequoia’s Skywoman interpretations

I had not only wanted to create products for Sequoia that were Indigenous, I also wanted to honor traditions such as Skywoman. We are careful in ensuring that all of our products are biodegradable and do not harm Mother Earth.

I am a scientist at heart and while the creation story is difficult to imagine from a scientific point of view, I always liked to look at the science behind it.

  • When you research it, a muskrat can hold its breath for approximately 13 minutes, one of the longest of any mammal.
  • The way Skywoman creates Turtle Island is typical of gardening.
  • That women are grounded to the earth makes sense and directly relates to earth’s gravity.
  • When we pass on, our bodies do become part of the earth over time.

When I created the Skywoman line of products, I wanted it to be ethereal, light, and represent the connection of the water, earth and sky. The custom scent blend contains citrus, florals and ocean. I'm super proud of this blend, and it has become a favorite among Sequoia customers.

Check out the Skywoman Collection here.  https://sequoiasoaps.com/collections/skywoman

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  • Your scents carry me and ground me. Thank you for the earth and sky.

    MA on
  • Skywoman is my absolute favourite!
    I love it’s freshness!

    Ken’niioronhiá:’a Montour on

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