Sequoia Black Friday Event 2022

Sequoia Black Friday Event is Live!
Here's what we've been busy prepping for the last couple of months:

●20% OFF Sitewide, excluding Ceramics, Bundles, The Sweetgrass Box and Gift Cards

●Orders $150+ will also receive a free gift of our Night Sky Mini Soap Pack [$16 value, Not yet available for purchase]

●Orders $100+ will also receive FREE Standard Shipping

●Orders $500+ will receive everything above AND a free gift of our Night Sky Large Soap Pack [$52 value, Not yet available for purchase]

Launching only in December but you can get yours now! This weekend only.

Our Exclusive Night Sky Pack added automatically at $150 and $500!

We've got a special, intentional gift for you. Here are the details:

●We've created a Night Sky Pack of soaps featuring Harvest Moon, Blood Moon, Winter Moon and Seven Dancers Soaps.

●Our NEW Winter Moon Soap is only being released on December 6th (if we have any left).

●The 3 Moon Soaps soaps are created with Moon Water charged with the moonlight energy

●Not yet released is our NEW Winter Moon Soap which is inspired by the last full moon of the year. This one is launching December 7th, but you can get one now, by shopping our Black Friday Promo this weekend. See below for details.

●Not yet released is our NEW Seven Dancers Soap which is inspired by the Big Dipper. This one is launching December 21st, but you can get one now as well! See below for details.

●All 4 Soaps contain Activated Charcoal, our new favorite ingredient to include in our soaps. Activated Charcoal binds to dirt and oil.

Winter Moon Soap Details

●Try ONE FREE 1 month before it is launched

●Winter Moon is made with Moon Water, charged with the energy of the moonlight 

●The inspo for Winter Moon is of northern snow on the ground lit up by the fullest of moons on one the longest of nights

●Officially launching on Dec 7th, the last full moon of the year

●This is a fresh outdoorsy blend, with hints of forest scented with the imagination of walking out of a winter forest into a clearing. Mix of apple, lemon, ginger, fig, caramel, cinnamon and coffee

Seven Dancers Soap Details

●Try before it is launched

●The Big Dipper is also known as the 7 Dancers 

●Officially launching on Dec 21 (Winter Solstice), the longest night of the year when 7 Dancers are visible longest

●This is a complex blend (fruits and floral) with hints of citrus. 
Based on 2330 reviews
Northern Blueberry Lip Balm
Kelly A. (United States)
Deja Vu

Fabulous! The blueberry scent takes me to sweet heavenly memories of blueberry pies of childhood, but even better. The ingredients taste very clean and my lips love it! I want more, more, more! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity and talent!

Turtle Island Incense
Laurie L. (United States)
Turtle Island Incense

This scent is one I love to use on a sunny afternoon. It's refreshing without being overbearing.

Sweetgrass Incense
Laurie L. (United States)
Sweetgrass Incense

This incense is one of the best scents I have found after years of searching for a fresh, clean scent. I have purchased several boxes over the years and have not been disappointed once by any of the scents I have bought.

Sweetgrass Self-Care Bundle
Crystal D. (United States)
mind blown

the scent is so powerful - but not overwhelming

beautiful, delicate & long lasting

will never be buying my soap or sweetgrass products anywhere else

you must give it a try!

Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil
Liz (United States)
Smells like a light vanilla

Not exactly Sweetgrass smelling to me. More like a light vanilla cashmere. I still enjoy it nonetheless and use it as a perfume that I layer on top of :)

Sage Soap
Martha (United States)
I love it!

This soap is wonderful! The smell is fantastic. The lather is great. It is a beautiful start to my day.

Cedar Soap
Martha (United States)
wonderful stuff

My grandson and I both love this soap! The smell is awesome, and it leaves you feeling so much cleaner than other soaps.

Blackberry Sage Body Scrub
Jessica B. (United States)
Smells amazing!!

It arrived super quick and smells great - my skin is so smooth. Thank you ! ❤️

Tobacco Soap
Stephon H. (United States)
Smells Great

Thanks again sisters

New! Wild Berries Soap
Stephon H. (United States)
Thanks for the soap

Happy to buy healthy soap from our native sisters. From an Afro Indigenous boy

Jingle Dress Mist
Aimee C. (United States)
Strawberry Moon Spray

Thank you so very much for the sample of the Strawberry Moon spray. This is my favorite one yet!! I love the other sprays too.
I can't wait to order more. Also, I love the small trial size. It's perfect for my purse. Please make and sell them all in this size. Everything I order from your company is wonderful. I will keep coming back for more. Nya:weh (Thank you) Aimee Carpenter

Cedar Incense
Sandra G. (United States)
Love it

I will definitely buy it again.

Sweetgrass Mist
Sandra G. (United States)
Sweet grass

sweet grass body mist smells so good I really recommend it. Love it good quality


This candle is exquisite. It smells so so good, not overpowering but with thorough scent. The canoe is GORGEOUS, it is so beautiful and the whole candle is just perfect.

Sweetgrass Candle
LE T. (United States)
Just Wonderful

I have been looking for years for a sweetgrass candle. Not only is it my favorite scent in the world, but it’s also attributed to a main character in the book I have being published this June. The character is an indigenous man and his love interest, my main character) talks about how his room smells like sweet grass. This candle is so perfectly scented. It’s subtle, but strong enough to get this pure, REAL scent. Nothing perfumey or phony in the scent. I am so happy to have purchased this, and I hope to buy many more candles so I can do a giveaway with my book! Thank you Sequoia for creating the perfect product. I’m thrilled to be able to support an Indigenous-owned business!!!

Wild Berries Lip Balm
Tala (United States)
Very cute

Smells so good!! It’s like a lip oil to me, very shiny and smooth.

Smells Lovely

This smells so good; I already ordered two more. I also like how it doesn’t leave a slimy film like some other soaps, but is not drying like so many other soaps are. It’s pretty too!

15hr - Four Candle Bundle
Anonymous (United States)
15 hour 4 pack

I received one of these Indigenous made candles for a gift and loved it! There delivery was a lot quicker than expected! The scents are amazing I just wish they were a bit stronger. The box presentation is absolutely fantastic especially for gifts! As you can see they even included a thank you card.

Jingle Dress Lotion
Kathryn E. (United States)
My favorite lotion

I'm a little picky when it comes to lotion scents but I have to say this is by far my favorite. Would not need to go the typical Bath and Body Works. It is the perfect balance of perfumey scent and a little goes a long way. Perfect for my sensitive skin

Sweetgrass Candle
Maya S. (United States)
Love candles

The candles smell amazing! Long lasting candles I purchased the 60hr I burn about an hour a day 💗 good energy candles. Highly recommend.

Blackberry Sage Body Scrub
Ashley E. (United States)
Very good!

This body scrub smells amazing, makes me feel amazing, and makes my skin look great. 10/10

Jingle Dress Candle
Linda V. (United States)
Jingle Dress Candle...small 15 hr.

This candle burns well, no smoking, and smells wonderful! Now I want the large candle.....

Northern Blueberry Soap
Linda V. (United States)
Northern Blueberry Soap

This soap is not drying, smells great, and doesn't melt in the open soap dish...I use it every day for my shower!

I love all the products!!!!!

Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil
Tina M. (United States)

I love the Sweetgrass fragrance it’s so delicate and delightful. I use it throughout my home. I hope I don’t have to wait so long for the next batch. It’s my go to fragrance. Thank you.